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Tube Amplifiers HomeSchematicsOrange Schematics -» AD200 Preamp - Preamp stage of AD200 mk III:

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AD200 Preamp Jpeg Schematic
Description: Preamp stage of AD200 mk III
File Size: 42 Kb
Number of Views: 7927

Orange - AD200 Preamp -Preamp stage of AD200 mk III Thumbnail

Ambarwati – dQOFEeYAlA6
November 12, 2015 - 16:19

I still remember the first time I was made aware of what a high pass ftielr is and why I should use it. My mind was blown as I began high passing track after track, cleaning up the low end mud in my mix and getting much needed clarity and headroom back. Using a high pass ftielr effectively is literally the fastest way to clean up your mix.

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