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Tube Amplifiers Home -» Schematics

Here you will find a HUGE list of schematics organized by manufacturer.  If you would be kind enough to upload a schematic that isn't here, it would be appreciated by everyone. You can add a new file using the form at the bottom.

Most of the files here are in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download the latest version Here.

Ampeg (63) Matchless (10) Univox (22)
Fender (243) Orange (30) Vox (78)
Gibson (91) Rumble (15) Miscellaneous (159)
Gretsch (16) Selmer (18)  
Kay (13) Silvertone (11) Tube Data Sheet (31)
Magnatone (15) Sunn (19) Effects (54)
Marshall (79) Traynor (28) Manuals (17)

Total Schematics: (1012)

Upload a new schematic

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- Max File Size = 5000 KB

Select Category

File Title (Do not use punctuation other than spaces.)
Description (Do not use punctuation other than spaces.)

(File names may only contain letters, numbers, and underscores. Replace spaces in file name with an underscore '_'.)

When you hit the upload file button, wait while your browser uploads the file. Your screen will refresh automatically, so please be patient. There is a maximum connection time of 40 minutes per file to be uploaded. If there is a problem please contact me and I will fix it.

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