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Tube Amplifiers HomeSchematicsVox Schematics -» Night Train Updated :

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Night Train Updated Adobe Acrobat Schematic
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Number of Views: 35643

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Vox - Night Train Updated  Thumbnail

the dude – USA
June 05, 2016 - 09:16

Really need a schematic for the Night Train G2. I've Got a NT15C1-CL that needs some help and can't find the schematic anywhere!

Johan Hansson –
January 30, 2016 - 04:14

The bright switch must be wrong. The feeback loop must be grounded when the eq is activatet or the eq will not work.

Reply to Johan Hansson
fenderson – amphell
February 02, 2016 - 18:05

Hey could you tell me what preamp tube does what. I am not schmatic savy 😭

Dylan K. – Oregon
January 14, 2016 - 01:22

Of course make sure that the negative lead is grounded (I just put it through the screw hole for the bottom cover since it was free).Then you turn the amp on, allow the tubes to warm up for 2-3mins, take it off standby, and rotate each pot until the multimeter reads 35mV or as close as possibly to such on pins 1/3.

Dylan K. – Oregon
January 14, 2016 - 01:21

There is a test connector in the middle of the main circuit board when you pull the bottom cover off; you use a multimeter and set it to like 200mV (xx.x). After this, you touch the positive lead to pin 1 and pin 3, one at a time (middle pin is a ground, so dont use that), and then adjust VR3/VR4 pots (white phillips screws with a little locktite on the outside of them).

(...continued on next)

Dylan K. – Oregon
January 14, 2016 - 01:18

The G1 schematic is pretty much the same exact thing aside from the reverb circuit and v4 pre-amp circuitry afaik. In any case, I used the NT50H-G1 schematic to bias the amp.

Probably one of the easiest amps to bias ever, and it's badass in that you can bias each EL34 rather than depending on the matching of the set and one bias pot.

(...continued in next post)

Rooster – Okeechobee,Florida
September 16, 2015 - 14:51

What does a person have to do to get a schematic of a vox nt50h g2? It's like it takes an act of congress...

Rooster – Okeechobee,Florida
September 15, 2015 - 10:20

In regards to the vox nt50 biasing, did anyone find out if you have to install adjustment pot?

Don – Moncton
November 16, 2014 - 10:15

Does nayone have the schematics for the new Vox night train NT15-G2. I would like to see if I can create some mods but need to know what I'n working with of course.

Jim – Massachusetts
November 04, 2014 - 15:17

V3 and V4 are the bias pots for the two power tubes. Putting a voltmeter on each of the outside pins on the bias test point turn the pots so you read 35mV to ground.

Richard – 92653
October 17, 2014 - 14:17

Does anyone have instruction on biasing the NT50 yet? Thanks.

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Thiago – Brazil
March 01, 2014 - 08:43

Does anyone have eagle files for this? I'm trying to make one myself, but being a newbie on the stuff, I'm having a hard time.

julien – Metz - France
May 04, 2012 - 19:39

this should answer to your question :

Paolo Ambroso – Italy
December 21, 2011 - 10:54

Hi, i need the schematics too of Night Train 50, if you find please let me know..

Very thanks

Paolo Ambroso

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