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Tube Amplifiers HomeSchematicsFender Schematics -» 63 vibroverb reissue 2x10 - 63 Vibroverb reissue brownface 2x10:

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63 vibroverb reissue 2x10 Adobe Acrobat Schematic
Description: 63 Vibroverb reissue brownface 2x10
File Size: 621 Kb
Number of Views: 12514

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Fender - 63 vibroverb reissue 2x10 -63 Vibroverb reissue brownface 2x10 Thumbnail

test –
February 16, 2016 - 00:43

lookie here

Gregg Nickens – Oklahoma
May 15, 2014 - 21:38

There is noticeable volume at ( 0 to 1) on the BRIGHT channel volume knob however, there is a "distinct" notching of the same volume pot at (2), then back up to volume again at 3 and beyond. NORMAL channel is O.K.

Do I have a (bad/worn) spot on the BRIGHT volume pot's taper @ around 2 of the volume pot? Or is it related to V2's electrolytic bypass caps? Or is it both?

Seyyid – sdrypcndPZOtmxvr
February 05, 2012 - 11:47

I have only just come arocss this record and am thrilled to have found it. I did my apprenticeship at Hackbridge & Hewittic back in the 1950/60′s and worked in the test department for these rectifiers. A huge bank of these bulbs running at full load was most impressive. In some way, the germanium and silicon rectifiers that replaced these were never so exciting to test.

mike the amp repair guy – houston
July 01, 2010 - 17:51

Watch out for units with the Japan export transformer. You can tell because the pilot bulb will be bright and the 6.3 filament winding measures 7.4 volts.
It can cause a lot of problems.

Reply to mike the amp repair guy
Richard – The Netherlands
January 13, 2012 - 15:02

Hi Mike,

What can be the problem?
I don't know if there is a Japanese transformer in it.
The amp is a 230V european type.
My 5A fuse is blown.
No sound, no light, nothing except the rectifier tube is glowing (Yes!, a rectifier tube is build into this amp by the previous owner).

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