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Tube Amplifiers HomeSchematicsMisc Schematics -» Soldano X88R Redrawn - Redrawn X88R Schematic:

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Soldano X88R Redrawn Adobe Acrobat Schematic
Description: Redrawn X88R Schematic
File Size: 47 Kb
Number of Views: 13370

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Misc - Soldano X88R Redrawn -Redrawn X88R Schematic Thumbnail

Antony – qKzejyrRBdDKAVQhrk
October 23, 2012 - 05:13

Hi ,I have seen your project dteinsmratoon. It was very great project.I am having a arduino atmega168 board.I am thinking about doing a project to control a robot thorough wifi connection. I have a plan to use wireless modem for wifi connection at robot end and android phone as remote like ur project. could you please help me to do that project?.

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