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Tube Amplifiers HomeSchematicsUnivox Schematics -» 255 R :

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255 R Adobe Acrobat Schematic
File Size: 115.7Kb
Number of Views: 3784

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Univox - 255 R  Thumbnail

Nelzkie – L8hXmeXQ
September 30, 2014 - 09:16

My sister was in Ben Newland's gdituaraon class, I had the good fortune to see the system live at the diner party the night before the invocation. The horn's sounded quite good. I didnt hear the other speakers unfortunatly. They were not turned on at the exhibition.

Palo – NGtnsvOQuVMy
February 02, 2012 - 16:22

@ninjae4976 I’m a metal bssisat, and want to ada=vance my chord knowlege, and advance in treble cleff. (Sorry for spelling errors.) We are experimental, and I also want to use mandolin in Jazz.

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