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This is my little project.  As you can see the name of this site is the same as my amp.  Originally it was a plan to showcase this amp alone, but things change.  This project is still in progress and probably will be for some time.  This amp is a derivative of a Trainwrek amplifier.  My amp is a 100 watt high gain amp that sounds similar to a Marshall TSL, except that the Prowess is much more wild and has more character.


Here is the final look of the amp.  Honestly, I think I can still do a lot better and will continue to work on it.

This is the back of the amp in the cabinet.  You can see an extra couple of holes on the left side; those were the original places for the output tubes.  I decided later that they should be more spread out for cooling and also farther from the back of the amp for safety reasons as well as protecting the tubes.  I didn't have in one of the preamp tubes in the picture, but that spot is used.

Here is a close-up of the faceplate.  If you look closely you can see where I have spots for two screws to hold it in place (screws were laying next to amp at press time).  The plate is steel that has been chromed and laser etched.  The company that did the etching, while it is a fine job, took their sweet time to get it back to me.  I won't name them, but if you are in the greater Phoenix area you can e-mail me about this.  I have found a much better and nicer local company called Studio B Engraving.  There are also many internet companies that you can order from.  In this picture you can also see the tolex seams at the bottom.  They are much less noticeable in real life and are a real pain to get to look nice.  I'm going to get Matt to write up a tolex article, as he is MUCH better with it.

This picture is of the front of the amp currently.  The tubes are 4 6L6's and 3 12AX7's.  I'm working on an enclosure for it right now.

This is the inside of the chassis, or I should say was.  I am constantly changing and tweaking things as I learn more about tubes and tube amps.

This picture is the first Prowess prototype.  I later redid the entire thing because it lacked a solid layout and design.  It sure looked cool though.

Here is the inside of the old amp.  What a piece of crap!  This was a piss-poor job and is a perfect example of why you spend so much time on design!

One more picture of the tangle that was my amp.  If you are wondering, it did work, but there were feedback problems, bad feedback problems.







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