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This is Matt P's AC30 makeover.  It looks awesome and sounds sweet.  Check out the pictures section to see how he did it.


Well, this is the finished product. After about two weeks of work, it is done. Includes: three new Vox handles, new Vox front gold fascia strip, new Vox Tolex, and new 1960's re-issued Vox name plate. I even purchased a dustcover for it- the black Tolex will dry out and fade if not covered.

When I first received the amp, it had a mix of a Ruby GZ34 rectifier, Sovtek el84 power quartet, and EH, Sovtek, Svetlana, Chinese, and a few no name tubes in the preamp. Switching over to a matched power set, plus new rectifier and pre-amp tubes from JJ really smoothed out the sound. It also eliminated some microphonics I was experiencing, as well as taking a small amount of gain off of the amp, making the clean AC30 sound even more brilliant.

I actually installed Dyna-Mat around the baskets of the Celestion Greenback speakers. This may not look stock, but it sure did eliminate some of the cabinet noise and vibrations. Also pictured is the custom speaker cable made from Monster Cable 16 AWG cable and a Switchcraft plug. This eliminated a slight amount of hum, added clarity, and also adds to the "custom" look.

The hardest part of the project is applying the Tolex to the wood. I used 3M Spray Adhesive 90 to put this stuff on. James used 3M 77 on his Prowess amp. Both should work fine. The important thing is letting the glue set up and become tacky before application of the material. I then used clamps while letting it dry.

To create the new Tolex pieces, I simply used the old material as a pattern. Using a utility knife and extreme caution, cutting out new pieces was not that challenging.

Well, here is the starting product. I bought this amplifier for $1100 off E-bay with a local pickup. It was at a great price because of many of the problems. I have many pictures of the various eyesores, but mostly torn Tolex was the major concern. The handles were scuffed and beaten, while the gold fascia strip was dented and dinged, the gold piping was blackened, and serial plate scratched and mangled. I ordered several new parts and materials, and set out to restore this amazing tone-machine back to all of it's glory- with the help of Antique Electronic Supply and Vox themselves.







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